If you need immediate assistance or feeling sucidal?

In the UK or Ireland contact the Samaritans, elsewhere please proceed to Befrienders to find your nearest helpline.

Why Online Therapy?

Did you even know that this form of help existed? Online therapy offers you an alternative approach to the same professional advice you would receive from a traditional face to face therapy session.

Online therapy is the interaction between two or more people using a communication medium. The approach to online therapy is a relatively modern solution to reaching people who have never had the opportunity to visit a therapist.

Advantages of Online Therapy:

The service is convenient as you are able to benefit from the system any time and any place you happen to be.Able to select from a wide variety of specialised therapists without having to search your local business directory. Gives access to mental health information to people in rural or remote areas.Offer accessibility to individuals who are disabled

Confidentiality is our priority



Confidentiality and respect of privacy is paramount for us.

This is why we have created integrated software specifically designed for Therapistnow.com that allows our clients to receive therapy trough web cam, telephone, chat or email fully encrypted. Our clients do not need to download a third party software like Skype or Msn for example, to receive therapy and they can be 100% sure that all the contents of the therapy sessions cannot be intercepted or misused in any how.

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